Reminder Post: Sign Up for your Free Breakfast Blend Coffee from Amora Coffee

Good morning, everyone! I just want to remind all of your sleepy heads that there is still time to sign up for a free breakfast blend coffee from Amora Coffee. I’m sure you all remember the post we ran about signing up for a free bag of coffee. In case you don’t, I will remind you in this post:

So, here’s the news. For a period of time, Amora Coffee will let all of us sign up for oneĀ free bag of coffee through their website. You will need to cover the cost of shipping and handling ($4.95). But, considering the fact that this is gourmet coffee and you’re getting it 100% free of charge. 4 bags normally costs $30 not including additional costs for s&h. You get to pick the blend you want for this free bag. On top of that, Amora will throw in a stainless steel coffee grind canister and silver scoop for free if you sign up for a second bag of coffee! The bonus bag will cost $8.95 and no additional s&h fees!

This is a pretty sweet deal, and I couldn’t let you guys miss it. That’s why I wanted to cover it again.