Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving can be an expensive meal to prepare. But, I have a few tricks to save money by keeping the costs down. You can start by formulating ways to save on Thanksgiving Dinner. If you start planning these things out now, the savings could end up being huge!

I have included some great ideas on how to save big bucks this coming Turkey day.

Why not politely ask family and friends to bring a dish. Most everyone loves to be included in making the big day possible. Why not ask? You’ll truly make everyone feel part of the group and simultaneously be upholding Thanksgiving Day traditions. The original pilgrims didn’t have enough resources. So, the native people in this country stepped in and helped them out.

You could spice up the meal by mixing up Thanksgiving dishes from other cuisines. If done well, this might save some big bucks. Do you come from Italian heritage and want to prepare a pasta dish? Go for it. There aren’t any hard rules on creating a diverse Thanksgiving holiday.

Buy your food now! Plan ahead with coupons and BOGO offers at your local stores. You also can buy your turkey early and freeze it to get a better deal. Don’t wait until the last minute unless you don’t mind paying extra.

Keep you dinner simple. It can be tempting  to make the dinner complicated with expensive ingredients to give your guests the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner but you really don’t have to make it extravagant. Holidays should really focus on the people there. Not on the dinner or presents. By keeping it simple you will save yourself serious money, time and stress during the actual Thanksgiving dinner cooking process.

If you are looking for great seasonal decorations, head out to your backyard instead of some high priced home decor store! Skip the trip to a store. Use fall leaves, branches, acorns, pine cones. Take a look at Pinterest for other great ideas from your natural surroundings. You also can head to your local dollar store to get solid deals on candles and other decor.

Skip the fancy wine. Try a boxed wine. These days, boxed wine is actually pretty decent quality. It can work well for your holiday dinner. You may not know this, but it’s actually better for the environment too. Boxed wine typically costs about $20 or less. So, it’s super economical for a large group. Maybe you could ask your guests to bring their favorite wine or other alcoholic drink to help keep the cost down.

Always remember to keep things in perspective. The Thanksgiving holiday is about giving thanks. It’s about spending time with friends and family. Thanksgiving is not about how many man hours or how much money you put into your meal. Everyone will have a better holiday experience when the mood is relaxed!