Save Money Using Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful way to score some great couponing deals. With the tips in this post that I included below, you can too start saving using your Twitter account today! If you don’t have a free Twitter account, follow this link to create an account in just a few minutes. I love Twitter. It allows me to get quick news from the feeds. You can especially find amazing deals, freebies, savings and coupons just by following your favorite companies. Twitter is much more than just breaking news and celebrity tweets. The social media platform actually helps some people save money on clothing, groceries, health/beauty products, travel and so much more.

1. Make sure you follow your favorite brands.

Companies are very eager to connect with potential and current customers via social media. This includes Twitter. When you follow your favorite companies and brands, expect to be rewarded for your loyalty. You can receive discounts and other goodies.

  • How it works: Companies will often offer sales and coupons through their Twitter account. You can grab these deals and coupon codes through Twitter. Then, simply present the code in stores to save. It’s super easy!

2. Twitter chats!

If you’ve never been a part of a Twitter chat, you should. Many companies host Twitter chats as a way introduce new products, specials, receive feedback, and reward certain customers for their loyalty. They also host prize giveaways during these chats. If you’re not sure how to begin, search #tweetchat for upcoming chats. I participated in several Twitter chats before traveling to a specific area. On more than one occasion, I was lucky enough to win tickets to an event right around the holidays (merry Christmas to me)! I have also received several discounts at restaurants before.

3. Search hashtags for deals.

  • How it works: Search hashtags such as #coupons, #deals, #savings, #promotions and #sales to find news about deals.

4. Follow other deal sleuths.

If you have some favorite coupon blogs or websites, make sure you follow the Twitter account to receive breaking news about sales, bargains and other freebies.

  • How it works: When you follow couponing experts or deal sleuths, you basically let them do all the hard work by finding the deals. You also receive all of the rewards.