10 Free Kindle Ebooks for 2/26/2015

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Check out these Kindle ebooks for free from Amazon right now. You’ll want to act fast as these offers can be taken down at any time. These were all available for free at the time of this post (Feb 26th at 2.00 pm est).


A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens classic is set with the French Revolution as a back drop and revolves around tyranny and the excess of war.

Le Miserables – Recently a major motion picture starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, read Victor Hugo’s masterpiece for free.


Barefoot Summer – Years after losing her brother Madison decides to fulfill her brothers dream and decides to compete in the annual town’s regatta despite not knowing a thing about sailing. A local boy tries to mentor her and along the way she learns how to sail and rediscovers her faith.

Haunting Leigh – Leigh is an amateur witch who encounters a lost soul and magical mayhem ensues.


Tuesday’s Child – Spending her life hiding her psychic abilities, Samantha Blair’s life is turned upside down when she is unwillingly tapped into the mind of a killer.

Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller(Book One) – Terrorists get their hands on a new strain of Ebola and threaten to release a new pandemic.

Teen/Young Adult

Relentless (Book One) – Sarah Grey investigates her fathers murder and discovers a supernatural world that she is unknowingly immersed in.

Beautiful Demons Box Set (Books 1-3) – Follow young Harper Madison as she learns to control her newfound extraordinary powers.


The Woman Who Lost Her Face – Follow Charla Nash and her incredible story of survival after losing her face and hands when she was attacked by a chimpanzee.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – For anyone interested in history, this look into the life of one of Americas forefathers is a must read.