10 Free Amazon Kindle Books on 3/17/15

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Here are 10 Free Amazon Kindle Ebooks currently available today (3/17/15) around 4.00 pm est.


Double Dare – Snack-cake heiress Louisa hires Sam to prepare an adventure for her that takes them both on a wild and humorous ride!


If I Break – Lauren needs a change in her life. Enter Cal. She knows that he’s trouble but she thinks he may be just what she needs. But it turns out he has a secret that makes loving him very costly.

The Tycoon’s Make-Believe Fiancee – Royston reunites with his sister and proceeds to inform her that he is engaged, which he is not. He then must find a woman to be his faux fiancee to keep up appearances.


How to Work for Yourself – 100 ways to make the time, energy, and priorities to start a business, book, or blog.

Clean Food Diet – Avoid processed foods and eat clean with few simple lifestyle changes.

Always Know What to Say – Easy ways to approach and talk to anyone.

925 Ideas – These ideas will help you save money, get out of debt and retire wealthy.


Rushed – Eric keeps having a recurring dream that gives him an overwhelming feeling to leave. When he decides to follow this compulsion he finds himself launched into a nightmare.

The One You Love – Emma Holden’s fiancee disappears and she must unravel the mystery while uncovering horrifying family secrets that threatens everything she knows.

The Girl in the Box Series – A teenage girl develops supernatural powers and must use them against those who wish to use her abilities for themselves.