10 Free Kindle eBooks for Passover 2015


Celebrate the Passover 2015 holiday with these free Kindle eBooks.

1. Chosen Peoples Being the First “Arthur Davis Memorial Lecture” – delivered before the Jewish Historical Society at University College on Easter-Passover Sunday.

2. Hebrew Heroes – A tale founded on Jewish History.*

3. Pirke Avot – The sayings of the Jewish Father.

4. A Guide for the Religous Instruction of Jewish Youth – A short and easy translation.

5. The Jewish Manual – Practical information in Jewish and modern cookery with recipes.

6. Chapters on Jewish Literature – Classics by Israel Abrahams.

7. Synopsis of Jewish History – From Babylonish captivity to the Days of Herod.

8. Jewish Theology – An idealistic understanding of Judaism.*

9. The International Jewish Cookbook – 1600 recipes according to Jewish dietary laws.

10. Jewish History – An essay in the philosophy of history.