10 Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon on 04/23/15

Kindle Fire HD - 7, Front (1)

Here is a list of eBook downloads from the Amazon Kindle eBook store that are currently free. Take advantage of these freebies before Amazon returns the prices back to normal.

One Night with her Boss – A woman tries to win the love of her boss. 72 pgs.

Project Bread Winners – Strategies for making money online for beginners. 41 pgs.

That Night with My Boss – A prequel to the full-length standalone novel. 44 pgs.

Fall – A futuristic adult sci-fi that follows a young woman forced into slavery of an alien race. 100 pgs.

Fighting with the Infuriating Prince – A man must figure out what to do when he finds out the woman of his dreams is already betrothed. 62 pgs.

Always Know What to Say – Easy ways to approach and talk to anyone. 86 pgs.

How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days – Story of a bride second-guessing her impulsive wedding and a groom determined to convince her to stay. 69 pgs.

It Started with a Kiss – Short romantic comedy. 78 pgs.

That Night with my Best Friend’s Brother – Prequel to the full length stand-alone novel. 58 pgs.

Lose Weight Fast – 50 weight loss tips and weight loss motivation secrets. 76 pgs.