Unique Father’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost a Fortune

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many people are scrambling for the perfect gift for dad. Unfortunately, budgets might be tight so they are at a loss for finding the perfect gift, something he will love but that doesn’t cost a fortune. The first thing you may want to do is sit down and think about the fact that whatever you give your father will be the highlight of his day because he loves you. Any gift from the heart will do. However, here are a few ideas you could start with and maybe if you’re lucky you can find something for free!

T-Shirt Art

One of the neatest ideas in recent years is t-shirt art you can print from your home printer. At any Walmart or other discount store you can find iron-on transfer paper for under $10 and use that to print off pictures of the grandkids, his favorite cars or perhaps his favorite fishing spots. Make a collage of them and iron them on one at a time. If you don’t have a printer, some people use regular house paint and have their kids put hand prints on the shirt. Dads love to have personalized items just as much as moms do, but of course they won’t tell you that. It’s in their eyes when they open the gift.

Customized Puzzles

Another great idea is to have a customized puzzle made up for dad. Here again, you can always have the puzzle made with pictures of the family, his favorite sport, his favorite car or with a picture of anything that is special to him. Then you simply upload the photo or photos to the puzzle maker’s website and they will create a totally unique, one of a kind, puzzle for dad. In fact, Stave custom puzzles is one site that has a weekly contest. If you play a video game and enter their drawing held Thursdays, you might even win a free wooden jigsaw puzzle for dad! Look around the site to find the contest – it’s a treasure hunt!

Customized Coupon Book

Some creative families spend a few weeks gathering up coupons for some of dad’s favorite things. From discounts on ice cream to free offerings at some of his favorite haunts, such as a free Father’s day beer at a local club, you can find plenty of great money saving ideas for dad and it won’t cost you more than a coupon holder (found at your local dollar stores) and the cost of a card to go along with the gift.

The sad fact is that money is still tight for most of us so you can’t feel bad about not buying him a new Rolex for Father’s Day. Dad knows your finances, probably better than you do as he worries night and day over his children. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two special days that don’t really require more than something significant to show how much you value them as parents. Give dad a gift with special meaning, even if it doesn’t cost a fortune, and what do you want to bet that he treasures it above all else?