Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for Christian Friends

It is always difficult finding just the right gift for a friend because you want it to be something they will love but at the same time, budget may be a concern. Then, if they have particular interests that perhaps you don’t share, it could be infinitely harder to find something that has meaning and they will enjoy. This is often the case with people who aren’t of the Christian persuasion when trying to find something for a Christian friend. Here are a few tips on how to go about locating a gift that will have meaning and be within a budget no matter how tight it might be.

Send Links to Daily Quotes Sites

One of the least expensive kinds of gifts you can give your Christian friend is a digital link to a site that sends out daily words of encouragement. Some of these Christian websites send out a Bible verse each day via text message while others email a reading from Scripture then a little ‘life message’ to show how that reading applies. If your friend has email or a smartphone, why not send them Christian links they may be unaware of on their birthday or special day you are celebrating.

Personalized Christian Gifts

If your friend is at all like most people in the 21st century, she must have some sort of mobile device from a smartphone to a laptop. Why not order a personalized iPad or laptop bag that is monogrammed with her initials. In fact, sites like Mary Square have a wide range of personalized Christian gifts and many have special scriptures accompanying them. This is a favorite site among Christian ladies looking for something unique yet Scriptural at the same time.

Inspirational Books – But Not a Bible

There are a huge number of really powerful Christian inspirational books on the market and some have even made the best seller lists, believe it or not! However, one word of caution here is in order. Although you may really want to give your friend that emblazoned leather Bible, it might not be such a great idea in case you stumble upon a ‘wrong’ translation. For example, giving a Baptist any other version but a King James or a New King James might be construed as offensive. Stick with Christian fiction, self-help or even journals, but stay away from Bibles unless you know for sure which version your friend reads.

These are just a few ideas for finding the perfect gift for a Christian friend but remember, as a Christian, your friend knows that your gift comes from the heart. Whether you have tons of money to spend or nothing at all, you can find something that will speak from the heart and be given in love. Free Bible sites that send inspirational messages to live by are a great way to encourage your friend in her daily walk with the Lord, so send the links alone or along with a present and they will be truly appreciated. Just remember, it’s what’s in the heart that counts.