How To Start Couponing Like a Boss Using Our Extreme Couponing Tips!

Extreme Couponing

Have you always wanted to try extreme couponing but were never quite sure how to get started? If so, be sure to read this article. Today, we are going to tell you how to start couponing. Couponing can be difficult at times, but it is ultimately worthwhile because you really can save a significant amount of money if you do it right!

Begin by gathering coupons. You can get them in your local newspaper, on websites, or through loyalty programs. You must carefully read the fine print so you know if the coupons can be stacked or combined. There are many, many websites on the internet that offer coupons. We recommend,, and

Get organized! Purchase a folder or a binder where you can store all your paper coupons. This is a key part of the couponing process. You must be able to easily find and access your coupons. This is difficult to do if you have them thrown into a box or some other container.

Research, research, research. You need to know stores’ policies on coupons and you need to know them well! You have to know before you attempt extreme couponing what stores will and will not accept in regards to coupon stacking and combining coupons.

Look for deals and sales. Keep an eye out for deals or special sales offers on products that you have coupons for. This will help you attain maximum savings on your purchases!

Save! Once you have carefully done everything mentioned above, you should be ready to save moolah!