Why Millions Of Americans Attend The Smithsonian For FREE Every September 24!


free museum day

Millions Of Americans Will Attend The Smithsonian For FREE on Free Museum Day!

Do you enjoy visiting museums? If so, this is a great freebie offer for you! Smithsonian Magazine in partnership with Smithsonian Museums offers an annual special day called Museum Day Live! This FREE Museum day allows people to get tickets to local museums that they may not visit otherwise. For one day, tickets can be claimed for a variety of participating museums throughout the United States. The date of Museum Day Live this year is Saturday, September 24. Be sure to check out the list of participating museums throughout the United States. Use this link to search through the list of museums that are offering FREE tickets for Museum Day.

To get your tickets, search for a museum based on the state you are in (or will be in). Then, find a participating museum from the list that you would enjoy visiting. Claim your 2 FREE tickets by clicking on the museum you want to visit on September 24. You can learn a little bit about each museum before you select your tickets. Once you have made your decision, be sure to print the tickets out and hold onto them because you will need to have them on hand on Museum Day Live! to enter the museum of your choosing. What could be better than FREE Smithsonian tickets?