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OVER 52 MILLION PEOPLE May Have Gotten FREE Government Smartphones; Have You?

Have you and your family members ever struggled financially?

If you do and you are unable to afford a smartphone, you may want to check out this freebie offer available to select residents of the following states: ConnecticutFloridaIllinoisIowaLouisianaMarylandMassachusettsNevadaNew JerseyNew YorkPennsylvaniaTennesseeWashington, and Wisconsin.

In this day and age, it is crucial to have access to a cell phone.

If you are without one due to financial reasons, this program might be for you.

Please note the following:

If you don’t reside in the aforementioned states, you cannot participate in the Live Connected program.

This is a special program that provides a FREE smartphone for low income families who qualify.  For a limited time, you can get FREE government smartphones if you are deemed to be eligible.

If you do qualify for this offer, you will receive a FREE smartphone with unlimited text messaging, 850 FREE minutes of call time for four months, and 500 MB of FREE data. You will not have to pay monthly bills, you do not need to have a credit check, and you do not need a phone contract to be part of the Live Connected cell phone plan. 

In order to qualify, your total family income must fall below a certain level, or the person or persons signing up must already participate in a federal assistance program or state programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Section 8, Food Stamps (SNAP), or other programs.

You can sign up within a few minutes to find out if you and your family members. Find out right now if you qualify so you can receive and begin using your FREE government smartphones! Remember, this offer is available for a limited time.You should find out if you qualify while you still can!

You should find out if you qualify while you still can!