Freebie Round Up | Very Best Truly FREE Stuff Memorial Day 2017

Truly FREE Stuff
Flag waving at veteran’s day parade

It’s that time of the week again!

Time to take advantage of the very best truly FREE stuff that is available this week.

Very Best Truly FREE Stuff Available For Memorial Day 2017

  • You can get a FREE sample of Animal Parade AcidophilKidz Children’s Chewables by simply filling out a brief form! Once the completed form has been submitted, you can expect to receive your FREE sample in the mail within 6 to 8 weeks. This freebie is great for kids because it helps keep their gut bacteria balanced. Get your sample before supplies run out!
  • Families who have a cumulative income level under a certain bracket may be eligible to receive FREE cell phones and cell phone plans under a government funded program called Live Connected. To find out if you and your family members are eligible, visit this website.
  • Increase your protein intake with this FREE sample of Spiru Tein banana split shake. Just fill out a sample request form to get your FREE protein shake sample packet in the main within 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Update your Amazon Kindle reading list just in time for summer with these FREE Amazon Kindle books that you can download directly to your Kindle! Choose from a variety of fascinating books that are all FREE.
  • Are you tired of dealing with chronic nasal congestion at night? If so, get Breath Right Extra Clear strips a try! They help to open your nasal passageways while you sleep which allows you to get a good night’s rest. Fill out a form to get your FREE sample in the mail.