Get A Text Message When We Post A New Swag Code


Hey all! We’ve had lots of requests for text updates when we post a new swagcode, so I’m happy to say this will be a new feature of ours. Here’s how you can get text updates:

1. Text “follow SwagSampleStuff” to 40404

2. Done!

I set it up, so you’ll only get text messages when we post a new swag code. You’ll get 2 texts when you signup:

1. “TIP: Want to Tweet? Reply w/START anytime and join the conversation!”

 ignore that one

2. “Welcome to Twitter! You’re now following @SwagSampleStuff and you’ll receive their Tweets on your phone.”

On average, we post about 2 new codes a day, so keep in mind standard text messaging fees apply if you don’t have unlimited texting. 


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