How to Order Freebies

Whether it’s free samples, freebies, deals, or money saving tips, we’ve got you covered on all things frugal. To get started just click on the blue links under the pictures (see this photo as an example for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your shipping info to get freebies. After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.

15 thoughts on “How to Order Freebies”

  1. I can never get the Dove website to work… it always says that I have already ordered it, or that my coupon is printing and/or has printed. This doesn’t happen with any other site for me. Any suggestions? I already looked at the obvious… checked printer etc… Thanks.. K

  2. *SITE SUGGESTION; I’d love to see a ‘SEARCH OPTION’ so I could easily Locate actual products or offers that I’ve come across before, especially those that ‘Dont Fit into your Basic Catergories? At present, I’m trying to Relocate a *FREEBIE For a PAIR OF EYEGLASSES from COASTAL CONTACTS*- but, I have no clue where to look?

  3. whomever takes the time to put this website together is amazing, i love it! thank you so much, i’ve gotten many wonderful things. you are greatly appreciated.
    many thanks, many many many thanks!

  4. I would love to try Snuggle. I have used Bounce for the longest time but now my husband and two kids are allergic to it

  5. I would be intrested in trying product or surveys tru the mail, because it is hard for me to get to a computer all the time!!!

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