$10 Credit at Medco Health Store (New Code)

$10 Credit at Medco Health Store

-update- They just changed the DR10 code from $10 off $10 to only $10 off $25 orders

You can get a $10 off credit on your purchase at the Medco Health Store when you use the code DR10. Shipping is a standard $0.99 per order. There’s no minimum purchase required.

For example I bought
Speed Stick – Originally $2.99
Visine – Originally $3.49
Crest Whitening – Originally $2.99
Burt’s Bees – Originally $1.95

The total would have been $11.49, but after the coupon code I only paid $2.48 (including shipping)

-Note- This discount will not be applied until after you have entered your credit card info.