Freebie Tips

What Info to Give Out

  • EMAIL ADDRESS: You can create an extra email address on yahoo or hotmail. Use this email when filling out offers so that you don’t get spam in your normal email account.
  • ADDRESS: It’s necessary to give out your real address. If you don’t give a valid address when signing up for a freebie, there is no way it can be delivered to your house.
  • PHONE NUMBER: Rarely is there a valid reason for a freebie offer to require a phone number. If a freebie requires a phone number honestly I just put in 555-555-5555

Use Autofillers

Filling in info for freebie after freebie is pretty time consuming. To get around this you can use form fillers. The one I use is Google Toolbar. It fills in things that freebie forms ask you for with just a click like name, address, email, etc.

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1 thought on “Freebie Tips”

  1. I use Fireform for Mozilla Firefox for auto-filling. Sometimes, the forms are mixed up, so the info goes into the wrong places (probably trying to discourage auto-fillers). And about half the time, mine comes up as California, although I live in Iowa. This didn’t happen when I lived in Minnesota. Go figure.

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