Medco Cancelled Several Orders

It looks like there was a glitch in certain deals that didn’t limit the number you could get for free. As a result they’ve cancelled portions of many orders. They’ve canceled my free toothpaste and you should check your account to see if they canceled yours too.

You won’t be charged for the portions of orders they cancel, but I truly apologize for getting you guys excited for something that might not be honored.

3 thoughts on “Medco Cancelled Several Orders”

  1. Please don't feel bad! It was not your fault that they screwed up! You were just trying to help us all get a good deal:)

  2. I just got off the phone with customer service. Im so beyond pissed off about this! (Im not mad at you. Im mad at the company). Im going to speak with a supervisor in the morning. Im my opinion if they are going to go public with a promotion and the dont have the "resources" to back it up then they need to have a way of either giving a "rain check" type thing or offer an alternative promotional code for a different order or something. A "Im sorry" isnt cutting it. Thats just bad customer service. The lady on the phone told me "well if you went to Target or Walmart and they were out of a product that they advertised you couldnt get it either" and I said "no, but they would give me a rain check!" She said "well we dont have rain checks" and I said "well I guess you cant compare the two then can you?!?" Needless to say…Im not too excited about this lol.But like I said…Im not mad at you! I actually thank you for sharing the info! 🙂 Just letting out a little bit of steam.

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