3 Free Atkins Bars by Mail

3 Free Atkins Bars by Mail

We posted this way back in January, but I’m bringing it up again. Signup for the Atkins community and get their starter kit, which includes the Atkins quick-start guide, Atkins comprehensive carb counter, and 3 free Atkins bars. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

3 thoughts on “3 Free Atkins Bars by Mail”

  1. Got my samples today (8/17/10). Only requested last week. Took less than 10 days. Thanks for sharing this link.

  2. Ohh, lovely. Got samples today. There was chocolate, Apple Crisp and a nutty caramel thing. Delicious, especially the caramel! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I would really looooove to try thes products, but I live in Western Australia and I dont think they ship there. :-((((

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