Free Sample of Cheetos Mighty Zingers

Free Sample of Cheetos Mighty Zingers

Update: The form seems to working for some and giving loops to others

Get a free sample of Cheetos Mighty Zingers + a coupon by following these steps

1. Register for a account.

2. Wait for this picture to show on the bottom right or click the green circle. When it shows up click “Sample Now”

3. Submit your info on the next page and you’re done.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

10 thoughts on “Free Sample of Cheetos Mighty Zingers”

  1. When I click the free smaple button (after I signed up) it takes me to startsampling but say the URL can not be found…

  2. me too. I give up, I've tried everything and keep getting taken back to the main page or I get an error message.

  3. When I click on the sample now button, it has a small caption under the button saying, (leaving site), then it just opens a new window for the site? Whats going on?

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