11 thoughts on “Free Sample of Aleve”

  1. It really upsets me that I see these things like Aleve and other great products that we ( Me and some of my friends) can't get cause we don't have a Sam's Card. Why can't you do the same product for ppl that don't have a Sam's card????

  2. Some people are never happy it clearly always says that u don't need a membership for any of the samples with samsclub or bj's duh

  3. Please correct the following error:
    The Membership ID you entered was incorrect. Please try again.

    based on this message, no free sample without a Sam's card

  4. Become a Sam's Club Member! It's a minimum cost and you can save a lot of money! Not only can you access the online samples, but they have great sample offers in the club too!

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