Freebies I’ve Received For Sept 3rd – Sept 13th

I normally post these under the “Freebies I’ve Received” section, but I noticed some of the freebies pictured are still available. Every week I’ll make a post like this and link the freebies that are still available. So here’s what I received this week:

  • Home Made Simple coupon book
  • Woman’s Day magazine
  • Coupon for a free Sobe
  • Naturemade Adult Gummies
  • Naturemade Pedometer
  • Emergen-C samples
  • Stayfree sample
  • Prevacid sample
  • A full bottle of Febreeze
  • Bounce coupons

2 thoughts on “Freebies I’ve Received For Sept 3rd – Sept 13th”

  1. I'm a new read to your blog, and I love it. Thanks! However, I went through your "freebies I've receieved" archive, and I've ordered several of those same samples, and never recieved them. Matter of fact, I've been ordereding free samples for several months, and have only received a handful. I have to wonder if my UPS mail sorters are snagging my samples. Any ideas on how to find out what's up?

    • Same here..I have the same idea in my head also about the mail route people..I have put in for alot and have only gotten a few!! 🙁

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