Deal: $20 off $20+ Purchases at HSN

Update: No longer available

We usually post strictly freebies, but there’s a great deal HSN is offering right now. You can get $20 off your first single-item purchase of $20 or more. I was able to get a Snuggie ($24.95) for just $4.95 + tax.

  1. Register or login for ShopAtHome by clicking here (They’ll give you $5 for your first purchase and 4% cash back)
  2. Type Home Shopping Network in the search bar and click on the link they provide. On the next page click “Shop Now.” This will take you to the HSN site.
  3. Look around the site and click when you find something you want. Add it to your cart and use the code 319175 at checkout to get $20 off.

Let us now what deals you were able to score.

Thanks to Collin

11 thoughts on “Deal: $20 off $20+ Purchases at HSN”

  1. After 3 attempts and getting the same message, I gave up! I followed directions exactly but when I entered coupon #, I got the same message 3 times — the coupon was invalid.

  2. i am not having any luck 🙁 i am getting stuck at step two. I thought i had it but when i put the code in it wouldnt take it so i think i didnt go about it right.

  3. Spent an hour trying to get this code to work with no luck 🙁

    Sorry, the coupon code entered is either invalid or inactive. If you are trying to enter a gift certificate, please check to make sure you typed in the full 15 digit number. If your certificate is less than 15 digits, please try again adding zero's to the beginning of the number.

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