Freebies I’ve Received For Sept 25th – October 7th

Every week I’ll make a post like this and link the freebies that are still available. So here’s what I received this week:Forbes magazine
2 Nivea happy sensation lotions with coupons
2 Sports Illustrated magazines
Cascade sample
Scope sample
Quaker like bar with coupons
3 Wisk samples with coupons
Biotrue contact solution
Coupon for a free tub of Cottenelle
Smead hanging folder
6 Nescafe samples with coupon
Nivea touch of happiness sample
Pampers Underjams sample
Graco lightup baby nail clippers (not sure if these are still available)
Glad forceflex sample (not available but here’s an alternate link)
Post-it samples and coupons
Free ipod skin
Secret lavender body spray
Vaseline lotion sample
Soyjoy bar with coupon
American Apparel bra
Tigerbalm sample
Coupon for a free bag of M&Ms
2 Nasalcease sample
Organic Valley coupons
AND finally Proforce floor care “samples” (I put sample in quotation marks because this sample came in 2 boxes, one of them weighing 33 pounds. It also came with a rag and 2 mops)