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This week, I want to talk with you about something that is near and dear to my heart.  Today’s experiment: Online Surveys.

I was really nervous when I started signing up for online surveys.  I was afraid that they were just a big scam, designed to waste my time and steal my identity.  Let me tell you that, happily, it is not true!

I LOVE SURVEYS.  First of all, I am totally in this for the incentives, which I normally get in the form of a cash check, a PayPal transfer, or an Amazon gift card.  I promise this is real, and I will give you a list of survey companies from which I myself have received payment, cold, hard cash… or gift cards.  As a stay at home mom, it feels great to be able to contribute to our family’s financial situation just a tad (other than discovering creative ways to save money).

When you sign up with a survey company, you will have to fill out questionnaires with each company that take all your information. Everything from what magazines to read to where you normally shop for groceries.  Some companies give you a little incentive to fill these out, some don’t.  It’s better that you do them all.  The purpose of them is so that the company can send you surveys that are more personalized.  That means you won’t have to wade through as many surveys, trying to find one your demographics match.

When you start receiving surveys, you’ll find that you always answer the same questions at the beginning.  These are simple questions.  Your age, tax bracket, number of family members.  These are classification questions to see if you are a match for the survey demographics.  Be prepared to be disqualified from many surveys.  You may start quite a few before you actually get to the meat of a survey (and the incentive!).

I have three pieces of free advice.  One, always be honest.  If you lie on the survey about your personal information or your opinion, it’s eventually going to mess the whole system up for the rest of us.  Two, set aside time.  I normally spend between half an hour and two hours with surveys during a weekday, always during my girlie’s naptime.  Three, when you are filling out a survey, be decisive.  The surveys will take a lot longer if you consider and weigh all the options.  Just go with your gut feeling and click away.

One final note.  DO NOT send a wire transfer to a “survey company.”  There are scam artists out there who wish that they could swindle you, get into your bank account, and ruin your life.  But you’re not going to let them, are you?

On that note, happy opinionating!

Companies That Have Paid Me

Very Informative and Helpful Website

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  1. I signed up for one of these and they keep sending me stuff- which I should stop ignoring and get on the ball! Can you say on average how much your check is? Doing that about 2 hours a day…

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