Free Glasses (Just Pay Shipping)!

Update: Looks like this promotion is now over

We were going to post this earlier, but the site was getting slammed. It should work fine now. Click here and find a pair of glasses that you want that doesn’t say “coupon not applicable.” Click frame details and then click “Order Now.” Enter your prescription and add to cart. At checkout apply the coupon code: 10000USA and you’ll score some free glasses!

9 thoughts on “Free Glasses (Just Pay Shipping)!”

  1. NOTE: I tried this with progressives. It gave an $82.95 discount, making my total $99. Still a great deal, but not free. It probably had to do with the thinner plastic I have to choose because of my extreme prescription (instead of the default plastic).

  2. It is telling me that the coupon code is not available and I made sure the frames didn’t say Coupon not applicable. I really need a new pair of glasses and this is perfect, all I had to pay was $29.99 for the thinner lenses which is great.

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