Free Lego Bullseye at Target

One of our fans, Julie gave a great tip on how to score a free lego bullseye at Target like the one above.

If you’re already making a purchase at Target, you can get a LEGO Target dog “Bullseye” for FREE! Target has a giftcard with an attached miniature LEGO set. There’s no additional charge for the Lego set, so if you load the giftcard with say $5.00, you can then turn around and use that $5 on the items you were already going to buy, won’t be out any more money than you were going to spend anyway, and you’ve got a really cute LEGO Target dog for free! Too cute!! :0)

Thanks Julie!

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  1. If bought online its 25.00 gc and 1.95 processing fee thought I would let everyone know since I was checking it out..

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