4 thoughts on “Free Polartec Thermal Pro Blanket For Video Entry”

  1. Oh blankets !!!
    Who don’t need a blanket…. cozy , nice and snuggle blanket . How much I love you on a cold night ! Sitting by the fireplace , reading my book or just watching tv , I always like my blanket !


  2. Blanket, blanket how I love you. You’re need to keep me warm when I take a nap and to use when I go to sleep. I can use you when watching a scary movie to put over my head or just to use to snuggle up near the fireplace.

  3. Thank you for posting this contest, I only wish i could shoot you a video, But the video machine doesn’t work no more. And the way the economy is i cant get one. Have a great thankgiving.

  4. i would love to have a blanket to help keep my whole body warm from aritritis i have it threw my hole body thank you

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