9 thoughts on “Free Tony Hawk Anti-Tobacco Poster”

  1. the only thing I have to say is it is hard to read to see what you are suppose to put! lucky my computer remembers my info and will enter it automatically!

  2. Now I have another thing I can add to my list of products not to buy, anything @ Kohl’s and everything with Tony Hawks emblem on it! Thank you so much for helping me to identify such products. Anyone that endorses these ads I am not going to spend my money on and I will be out there telling all the smokers I can find!

    • Hey cathy just click on the blue links under the pictures (see this photo as an example) for whatever freebies you want. It’ll take you to the company’s site where you could enter your shipping info to get freebies. After you submit it, you should get your freebie within a few weeks.

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