Huge Giveaway By Dr. OZ at 3PM EST (12 PST)

Update: It looks like their system couldn’t handle the amount of visitors and a lot of our fans weren’t even able to load the page. I know this is EXTREMELY frustrating, so we’re going to have our own giveaway. 2 Fans will win a $25 gift card of their choice. Just comment on our facebook page and we’ll pick the winners at 3 p.m tomorrow.

Today at 3 P.M EST (12 P.M PST), Dr. Oz is giving away some awesome prizes. Below is a list of all of the giveaways (you might want to try visiting the sites a little earlier because they will go quick)

Free Skecher’s Shape-Ups
(1st 800)

Free Night’s Stay at the Holiday Inn
(1st 300)

Free $50 Target Gift Card
(1st 5,000)

Free 60 count Bottle of Schiff MegaRed
(1st 5,000)

Free 24 Hour Fitness 90-Day One Club Membership
(1st 1,000)

Free Pearle Vision Eye Exam
(1st 500)

thanks deannajo

34 thoughts on “Huge Giveaway By Dr. OZ at 3PM EST (12 PST)”

  1. I was able to sign up for the sketchers! but everything else is too busy!
    A little bummed, that target gift card would have been great for my mom is flat broke.

  2. Was able to get to the sketchers page and put in all my info, but it said I put the captcha in incorrectly.. which I did not, and then after that it did the same thing to be 3 more times, and then it timed out! UGH! I was able to get the gym membership though. Yay me.

  3. I got the hotel to load and then after i got all my stuff entered and submitted it said it was down for matience. nothing else will load for me

  4. didn’t get anything…no web pages loaded until all free gifts were gone…Really?? Sometimes I just don’t believe these pages~!

  5. ridiculous. i went to the ones i was interested in ahead of time and it wouldn’t show anything and then a minute before i tried to load the page and it took 10 minutes just to load and say that i wasn’t one of the first. scam

  6. The only website I could get up was sketchers, and by the time I got a chance to access it after 6 minutes of waiting for it to load, it told me they were all gone, all the rest of the links didn’t work!

  7. holiday inn finally let me in, filled everything out & I wasnt one of the first 300
    sketchers – too late
    pearle – didnt tell me I was too late, just gave me $150 coupons for glasses
    target – has been trying to load for 15 mins but has not timed out ???? what’s that mean??

  8. I signed up for the sketches, they said they’d email me if I was one of the first 800, but I was able to score the gym membership once for me, and for my hubby. The Target GC keeps giving me the ‘come back at 3pm’ so I’m guessing that means its gone….?

  9. Same thing happened to me. I was able to submit the form for the Skechers and Holiday Inn, but the make the count. Wondering if I should still be trying for the Target…

  10. good for my grandaughter my son and my self…im on ssi and cant afford to get alot of the things i need ty

  11. man i dont know about every one else but to me this is a joke there is how many people that is trying at the same going to get through first lol no one because the sever can only do so many.i

  12. i couldnt get any of the pages to load and then when i did they say they are all gone was really wanting those sketchers and target gift card.

  13. This is CraZZy…they need to come up with a better way of winning…cant get anything to load up since 3pm … ???

  14. The notice said I got the free bottle of Mega Red….which is the one I really wanted. It’s now 4:48 PM – EST.

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