Free “Little Fockers” Movie Ticket

Update: Sold Out

LivingSocial is offering a free $5 for new accounts and currently they have tickets to see “Little Fockers” priced at $5, which means free. Here’s how to score this deal:

1. Click here to signup with LivingSocial.

2. Then click “LivingSocial account” at the top right.

3. Create an account

4. Click “My Account” at the top right. Then “Deal Bucks” and make sure you have the $5 credit (can take up to ten minutes to receive)

5.  Click “More Deals” on left hand and find Los Angeles (you don’t need to live in LA to use your movie ticket)

6. You should see the “Little Fockers” deal

7. Click “Buy Now” and complete your order

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5 thoughts on “Free “Little Fockers” Movie Ticket”

    • I didn’t get any either. It looks like you may have to refer someone and have them sign up to get it I am going to try that :/

  1. Ok…I got it to work…YOU NEED to refer someone, that’s it! When that referral person signs up, you get the bucks. I just made up a new email address.

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