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This giveaway is now over! Congrats to LeighAnn H and Tina Z, I’ll be messaging you on Facebook within a few minutes.

If you’re a fan of our facebook page then you know every Friday we have Fan Appreciation where we do a giveaway. Well this week we have some special sponsors: The Brookie Cookie. They’re generously giving away 1 “I’m A BROOKIE COOKIE” Tee-shirt with 1/2 dozen cookies and 1 “Thank You” cookie Tin. These are great gifts to give someone special for a job well done or just as a special “Thank You”!

To enter this giveaway just Like the Brookie Cookie on Facebook here or follow them on twitter here. After you do, visit their website here and comment below with your favorite product they offer. We’ll pick 2 winners at random.

Winners will be announced at 10:00 PM (ET) / 7:00 PM (PT) on December 3rd.

237 thoughts on “Fan Appreciation on Facebook”

  1. I love the christmas limited edition mint cookie! I got them as a gift not to long ago and they were awesome

  2. Oh this looks soooo yummy!!! I would love to try the Brookie Sandwich!!! mmmmmm…. And the penguin tin looks so cute!!! I don’t think I could pick just one fave! Thanks for the share of the website!

  3. The Brookie Cookie Crunch, I’m thinking will be my favorite. Still waiting on my order. Ordered every kind lol

  4. I have ‘liked’ Brookie Cookie on FB. šŸ™‚

    My favorite product: The Limited Edition Christmas Mint Cookie, or the Brookie Cookie Crunch. They all look delicious!! *fingers crossed*

  5. I would have a really hard time choosing! I love the Brookie Sammich Creme, The BROOKIE COOKIE Christmas Limited Edition Mint Cookie, & The BROOKIE Double Chocolate Cookie! They all look yummy!

  6. You mean I have to pick just one………………hmmmmmmmm…………..Cookie Crunch ……………or mint………………….or cookie crunch…………………or mint. Eeny, Meny, Miny, Moe……………………………….ok, I will say the Limited Edition Mint. I think, then again, it could be the Cookie Crunch. LOL

  7. OMG…the BROOKIE Sandwich w/vanilla creme filling is just making my mouth water just looking at. I’m telling you I just gotta have one, I really do. Phewww….I’m calmed down now. That was really tough though. Sorry….it’s just so darn yummy looking, I just couldn’t control myself.

  8. I would love to try the Brookie’s double chocolate cookie w/o nuts and the Christmas Limited Edition Mint Cookie. They all sound delicious!

  9. Mmm, the Brookie Sandwich with the Creme is my favorite.

    By the way, I follow Brookie Cookie on Facebook.

  10. I have never had a Brookie cookie before but I sure would love to try one. I would like any cookie with nuts.

  11. This is a very cool site! I think that the chocolate with the Vanilla cream center looks like the best. I will have to order some.

  12. i think my 2 favs would be The BROOKIE COOKIE Crunch and probably The BROOKIE COOKIE Christmas Limited Edition Mint Cookie šŸ™‚ how do u know who the winners r? this is my 1st time.

  13. I love the Double Chocolate-1 in each hand & one in my mouth !
    Would love to try the holiday Mint Cookie-bet it’ll be my new addiction cause I have a mouth full of sweet teeth !

  14. I would love to try the Limited Edition Mint cookie & the Double chocolate:) Everything looks delicious!

  15. I am torn between 3 of their cookies, but I am going to have to say the Brookie Cookie Crunch. And I LOVE their Penguin tin. So cute.

  16. the christmas edition mint cookie looks wonderful they all look great though wish they had a free sample of these lol

  17. The Brookie Cookie Creme sandwich,slightly warmed and a scoop of vanilla ice cream,chocolate syrup,nuts,whipped cream and a cherry….now we’re talking!!!

  18. I would love to try the BROOKIE Sandwich Creme cookie, They all look sooo very delicious ā™„ I am a pastry chef , and work as a food stylist, so I will be telling my boss about this website.

  19. I have never tried Bookie Cookies before, but I would love to try them now, so any flavor would be great! Thanks!

  20. My favorite this time of year is the chocolate mint. But throughout the year it’s the cream sandwhiches all the way!

  21. Thank you so much for this chance to win. I love your web site and Love all the pretty tins you have for this wonderful holiday. I would love the chance to own one and try your product. Just want to say thank you again! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  22. My daughter’s name is Brooke and I call her Brookie Cookie so I would love to win the t-shirt for her! The chocolate mint cookies look awesome but so does everything else!!! Thanks sooooooooo much!

  23. This is first I’ve heard of them….but all choices look amazing!!! I’d like to try to find out if they are as good as they look.

  24. I love me sum cookies!!! Never heard of Brookie cookie before they all look so yummy hard to choose witch i would like to order would love all of them but thats not in my budget…lol

  25. How could you not fall for the Brookie Creme Sandwich? The cookies are wrapped around the vanilla creme just oozing out the sides. I hope I can get some of those for Christmas. A few of those with some eggnog or hot chocolate would do it for me..

  26. My son who is in college did a blog for the school about Brookie Cookies. I would like to know where to find them. He is in TN, I am in NC… he said they are great, and that means there is something at least equal to mine. That is a good thing … my son knows quality and so I am interested in winning a tin and cookies… Brookie Double Chocolate sounds tempting, so does the limited time peppermint.

  27. OMG, this is crazy!!!! I have a 16 month old daughter named Brooke and we call her Brookie Cookie, lol!!! My husband is from Brooklyn and our daughter’s full name is Brooke Lynn – this is just too coincidental….I must win! No matter what, thanks for turning us onto your products – we are totally ordering some tins for the holidays.

  28. My name is Brooke and when i was growing up they called me Brookie the Cookie. I so would love to win this shirt. I will also be ordering something to give it a try

  29. WOW, they all look delicious, Iā€™d love to have one or two of each one!! But if I had to pick just one Iā€™d love to try the Christmas limited edition mint cookie, I love chocolate mint.

  30. I have not tried these cookies but if I had to choose it would have to be brookie double chocolate cookie with nuts. Wishing I had some to taste.

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