1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 3 PM ET)

Update: Sorry guys this went within 1 minute

Click here and like Downy on facebook because at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET they’ll be giving away a free Downy T-Shirt for the first 700. They’ll announce the giveaway link on their facebook, but it’ll probably be this link because they had it there last time.

13 thoughts on “1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 3 PM ET)”

  1. I am so upset – I clicked on the link at exactly 2:00 chicago time – filled out the form as quickly as I could and still was told they were gone – NOBODY uses more Downy than I do – for years my kids teachers would tell me how wonderful they smelled and would ask me what I used – I buy at least 4 of the warehouse club each month, and now that I have two laundry rooms – we use every bit for a household of 5 and a dog. I really would love those t-shirts for my three kids who refuse to wear anything new until I wash it with downy – Please let me know – thanks

  2. It’s really bad when you fill out a form starting at 3 and submit it and at 3:01 I get the message they are all out.

  3. How did they all go out in one minute? Did any one get a shirt? It let me fill out the form, then told me all gone.

  4. Wow. Out in 11 seconds. Only those with auto fill, or robo form get the smaller amount freebies. When it’s a few thousand, it gives everyone a chance. Bummer, I really wanted one of those shirts!

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