1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 4 PM ET)

Update: Sorry guys this one’s gone already 🙁 We’ll let you know when their next giveaway is.

NOTE: It is OK to see a message “Sorry, we’re all out” before this offer starts.

Click here and like Downy on facebook because at 4 PM Eastern Time they’ll be giving away a free Downy T-Shirt for the first 700. They’ll announce the giveaway link on their facebook, but it’ll probably be this link because they’ve had it there before

7 thoughts on “1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 4 PM ET)”

    • These things go soooo crazy fast it aint funny. I tried the other day and my ‘puter was acting up and when I was finally able to get thru at 4:05 they were already out! LOL

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