5 Easy Way to Come Up With Some Extra Cash

It happens–we all have those times when the money is so tight that you can’t even rub two pennies together. You know how it is–if you had an extra five bucks you’d put three in your gas tank and use the other two to buy a loaf of bread. So what do you do when you need a little cash and you’re flat broke?


No, not dig in your backyard (although you never know!), but dig around in your car, your furniture, through the laundry room, the bottom of your purse. You might be able to scrape up a little spare change to help out with a serious money crunch and you never know, you might find a dollar or two stuffed somewhere.

Check Your Clothes

I’m guilty of this–leaving money in my pockets–and it’s always a pleasant surprise. I sometimes forget and leave a few bucks in the back pocket of my jeans or in a jacket then find it later. When I’m hurting for a little extra cash I sort through my jeans and jackets to see what I might find. I have actually been surprised to find a few bucks in pockets here and there so it’s worth a try. Be sure to check through the laundry hamper too.

Sell Something

Most pawn shops will buy DVDs, CDs, video games, electronics and other items. Check your home and your garage to see what you no longer need. Some pawn shops will give you a loan against an item, but if you can live without it you’re better off letting them buy it outright. After all, a loan has to be repaid!

Check around your area–is there a scrap metal buyer that will pay you for scrap metal you have? I have gathered up “junk” and hauled it to the local scrap yard for a decent little pile of cash.

If the weather is nice, plan a yard sale. This will take a little work and won’t be an immediate money maker (because you have to plan and organize it) but it’s a great way to earn a little extra cash while cutting back on some clutter.

Collect Cans

Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect discarded aluminum cans. I save these up anyway then when I have a fair sized load I take them to the recycling place for some extra cash. Ask your friends if they would be willing to donate their aluminum cans to you if you would get them out of their way–you never know. It’s not a lot of extra cash, mind you, but hey–every little bit counts!

Whatever you do, don’t fall prey to the payday loan places. It might help you out of a jam, but in the long run you will pay dearly for it and your goal is to get OUT of financial difficulties, not deeper into them.

3 thoughts on “5 Easy Way to Come Up With Some Extra Cash”

  1. I’ve collected cans and bottles,Just going for a walk, especially after a major holiday~ New Years and have gotten almost $20 to recycle them!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the payday loan businesses. They ought to be outlawed! In fact, some states are trying to do this, particularly those that cater largely to our military personnel. Do ANYTHING you can think of other than get a payday loan! Thanks for the good info. L)

  3. If you have a discount bookstore like ‘Half Price Books’ they have a counter where you can bring in your used books and they will give you cash for them, i have made as much as 65 dollars doing this with a particularly good bunch.

    Another good way to SAVE money but not make it, is to shop at thrift stores for clothes, you may have to dig awhile longer, and sure, it isnt new, but its good enough for me. I buy almost all my clothes at thrift stores for 50 cents to 5 dollars, thats prices practically anyone can afford.

    If you are really desperate you can always find a church nearby that has a food bank where you can sign up with them to receive food on a weekly basis if need be, for a certain period of time, or orgs. that give out daily lunches and donated clothing and other care products.

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