8 Free Sesame Street Videos

Amazon Video On Demand is offering full Learn Along with Sesame Season 1 for free. Just click here and select all the videos or just the ones you want to watch and buy with one click. Here’s what’s available:

1. A is for Asthma
2. Get Healthy Now Show
3. Happy;Healthy;Ready for School
4. Let’s Get Ready: Planning for Emergencies
5. Happy Healthy Ready for School
6. Lead Away
7. Music Works Wonders
8. Math Is Everywhere

2 thoughts on “8 Free Sesame Street Videos”

  1. Thank you! Its going to take a while to download these, but they are free so no biggy! Its nice that I can do other things on here while they are downloading!
    Thanks again! My kids are going to like these.


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