Cheap Room Dividers

Sometimes we need to create separate spaces in our homes. It may be to accommodate house guests, create a quiet reading area or separate the cooking area from the living room. Whatever the reason, the task can be financially and creatively challenging. Fancy screens and dividers can stress your budget. Have no fear. There some cheap solutions to the problem. You may even own some of the items already but just need to look at them in a different light.


Curtains are among the cheapest room divider alternatives you’ll find. They can be elegant or makeshift. In situations requiring quick action, even a blanket, sheet or length of fabric tacked to the walls can provide a little privacy. For more permanent situations, curtain wires can be purchased for as little as $5.00. They are normally used to hang curtains over windows with unusual shapes. You can adjust for width and additional clips are available if more are needed for wide dividers. Finding curtains is easy too. Secondhand, thrift or discount stores sell them, typically in pairs for $10-20. Another advantage curtains provide is the ability to open and close them as needed.


If you already own some bookcases, you’ve just saved yourself some money. Simply empty them and move them into place. Yard and garage sales, secondhand and thrift stores often carry used bookcases in the $10 to $50 dollars price range. Size and condition will play a part in determining price. You can buy cheap bookcases and clean them, add a coat of paint and have a cheap room divider for $20 to $60. If the bookcases are being used to separate and create a bedroom, the shelves can be used for clothing and personal items.

Potted Plants and Trees

If privacy is not the reason for dividing the rooms, a potted tree or arrangement of plants can be wonderful way to create a break between rooms. Plant stands, hanging baskets and tall indoor trees can create a focal point that’s relaxing and adds texture and beauty to both rooms. If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants can be used instead of live plants. Price will vary depending upon the type, size and number of plants you use but you could get the job done by shopping at superstores or online and spending in the neighborhood of $50 to $100.

Whatever the reason for separating rooms, these dividers allow you to separate living spaces at little or no cost.

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  1. I’ve even used blinds as wall dividers, they work great. Too repurposing tri-fold doors is another great room divider.

    I enjoyed reading your article.

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