The Medicinal Spud

The Medicinal Spud

Most know the spud as the potato which gives them hot delicious fries, mashed potatoes, and baked delights, but did you know potato’s have some medicinal properties as well? You can use a potato as a poultice to draw out infection
and as a remedy to draw things out of the body.

All you need to do in order to make your own potato poultice is to take a grater and grate the potato. Use cheese cloth or gauze as the material to hold the grated potato in. Apply to the infected area until the poultice becomes dry. You can keep applying the poultice until the boil is brought to a head and the pus is drawn out. Be sure not to let the pus get on other areas of the body as it can create other boils.

Here’s some examples of the medicinal value of a potato. As a poultice, the potato can help to draw the pus out of a boil. Anyone who’s ever had a boil knows how uncomfortable they can be. They can even hurt depending on where the boil is located. Use a warm poultice to draw out the pus or a cold poultice us help with the inflammation.

A potato poultice can also be used to draw splinters out of the skin. My aunt had a thorn in her foot and after applying the poultice a few times was able to draw the thorn out. We’ve often used potato poultices for the same reason.

While I haven’t tried this myself, I’ve heard of a potato poultice being used for acne and eczema, these are skin irritations which the potato helps to sooth. Using this type of poultice isn’t going to hurt or scar either. This type of poultice is good for drawing bee stingers out of the skin and relieving the sting quick. Apply as a compress to help with bruising too. Some have used the potato poultice to draw the venom out of the skin from a brown recluse bite and because of the drying and disinfectant properties of a potato they can be used on the eyes to help fight infections.

Besides the many benefits of the potato poultice, they are finding now that colorful potato’s, such as the purple, red, and so on are good for you because of the antioxidants found within them. This multi-functional and delicious spud is inexpensive and most homes have them stored away in the kitchen or pantry.

The potato apparently has many versatile usages. It’s cost-effective and readily available to most. Just a reminder though, as regards to all home remedies, even though the potato poultice will not harm you, it’s best to check with your doctor if you find it isn’t helping what you’re using it for.

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