Deal: PS3 For $55.68 Total

Update: Sorry to get you guys excited on this deal. I called Target and there was an error in the Amazon description. 🙁 They’ll be canceling all orders, but they also won’t be charging anyone.

I’m not sure if this is a mistake, but amazon has a PS3 for $55.68! They are currently out of stock right now, but they’ll ship you one when it becomes available again. The site also says that it won’t charge your credit card until the day it ships. It’s worth a try, click here to see this deal. In all likelihood it’s a mistake so please don’t kill the messanger, but if they honor it, then it’s a great deal.

Thanks to Stephanie via Facebook for the heads up!

10 thoughts on “Deal: PS3 For $55.68 Total”

  1. This is the oldest version available. I went ahead and ordered one, but I’m fairly certain that the orders will be cancelled.

  2. I ordered one, too, and saw that it’s offered through, so that’s where I actually placed my order. However, AFTER ordering, I was reading the description and this is what it says, “The official PlayStationÂŽMove sharp shooter provides the most intuitive and immersive control experience for shooter games. Its authentic design and precision ensure the most engaging gameplay experience. Easily accessible buttons and adjustable shoulder stock allow for hours of comfortable gameplay. Take aim and Move into the firefight.” So, now, I’m starting to think that I’ve ordered a sharp shooter (which does retail for $39.99) instead of an actual PS3 gaming system.

  3. Well.. I am trying it.. I figure if its bad, they will say that none came in, or they will refund the money. I trust to make it right..

  4. if u scroll down the bottom, it says product description…and it describes the ps3

    Product Features
    Edition: Standard
    Games use Blu-ray discs as media format
    Features a powerful Cell processor and a dynamic RSX graphics chip
    Completely backward compatible, all the way to the original Sony PlayStation
    Built-in Wi-Fi access for easy connection to gaming services and the Internet
    so its def. the system

  5. I ordered one too. This same thing happened with the Cricut Expression last year on the JoAnne’s website. They had them listed for $28.99 and they are normally around $300 – $400. I ordered it and guess what, even though it was a pricing error, they honored it. I recieved it a week later for less than $40 with shipping.
    Awesome deal!!! You never know!!

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