Free Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Box At Staples

Update  No longer available

  1. Click here and add a box of Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Box to your cart.
  2. Use the coupon code 69486 at checkout and ask for free shipping to store to score this item free.

Hurry because I’m sure this won’t last long.

thanks kristen at fst

18 thoughts on “Free Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Box At Staples”

    • You can also call 1-800-378-2753 press 1 and order item #424961 and use the coupon code 69486. Then have it shipped to your local Staples store for free shipping.

  1. Anybody pick up their order yet? I didn’t print out my purchase confirmation. I saved it. When I went to print it out today…it was gone! I am wondering if Staples is going to honor the code at all. I ordered before they pulled the code. any info would be helpful.

  2. on another site someone said they got an email from Staples stating that the item was not available for purchase. I haven’t printed mine out either. I will let you know when I switched to a printer.

  3. they never sent me an order confirm – but I printed the confirm page when i ordered on the 22nd. According to their site when I looked up the order, it will be delivered via ups to my local store today! order total still shows $0!! 🙂 Great deal!

  4. I got mine in literally two days. They called me and told me my order was ready for pickup. Yes, I had to put in a credit card (like I would if I was ordering anything else from Staples) but because the total was $0.00, I didn’t get charged anything. Awesome find!

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