Free Domino’s CinnaStix

Update: Looks like this varies by region
Domino’s if offering a free order of CinnaStix when you order online and use the coupon code EBCS at checkout. No purchase is required. Offer is valid for both delivery and carryout. However, a $2 charge will be added for deliveries.
  1. Click here to visit their site.
  2. Then click “Order” and fill out your info on the page
  3. On the next page, scroll towards the bottom and click “Desserts”
  4. Add an order of Cinnastix and click checkout
  5. Where it asks for a coupon code enter: EBCS

9 thoughts on “Free Domino’s CinnaStix”

  1. I tried using both codes (EBCS and SWEETJOBS) but a message popped up stating: "We're sorry, coupon code "SWEETJOBS" does not exist at this store. Please verify the code and try again."….I tried EBCS too. Perhaps, this offer does not apply to NYC locations?

  2. I just attempted to order the ‘free’ cinnastix through the link and successfully did it; however, the coupon code did not apply. I then contact the local store explaining the situation and was told that “you have to make an actual purchase in order to receive the free cinnastix. We are not just giving away cinnastix without an actual purchase”.

    Just thought I would let you know since this is still posted as ‘no purchase required’ which does not seem to be the case.

  3. I live in Pooler GA. Eating mine now. Didn’t have to pay a dime. Ordered on line and it was ready when I got there!

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