1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 2 PM ET)

Update: Sorry guys this one’s gone, but they’ll be doing more giveaways soon

Click here and like Downy on facebook because at  2 PM Eastern Time they’ll be giving away a free Downy T-Shirt for the first 700. They’ll announce the giveaway link on their facebook, but it’ll probably be this link because thats where they had it in the past

6 thoughts on “1st 700: Free Downy T-Shirt (Starts @ 2 PM ET)”

  1. i was there at 2pm on the nose. i have auto fill on my computer, and when i hit submit, it came up, sorry all sold out. so it was sold out before time, is my guess

  2. UGH…I put all my info in and clicked submit and it said they went fast they were all gone ! It was only 1:01…wth!!!

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