12 thoughts on “Free Maggi Soup Sample”

  1. Thanks I will be getting it in 6-8 weeks but usually samples don’t take as ong as they say they will to get them 🙂

  2. Guess I signed up with Maggi before, on the first screen, after asking for my e-mail, they told me so lol.. I was prompted to enter my password,(see hint) and was able to get with just two clicks!
    Hint: use the same password when asked on these sites to sign up w/them if you choose to. I don’t remember signing up with Maggi, and would have never remembered the password, but I use one specific password just for these freebies and good thing! Soups on the way!

  3. thank you — see them all of the time but old habits die hard! nice opportunity to try something new!

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