Reinventing Your Wardrobe

There is no doubt about it, fashion trends tend to feed our need to buy clothes with every changing season. Window displays are strategically arranged to catch the eye of any would be fashionesta. Before you set foot into that store, stop, think, and reevaluate what you can do to acquire those new looks without it costing you mucho bucks.

Your eyes and heart may desire name brand trends, but the frugal side of you knows that your money needs to be put to better use. So here’s some suggestions to help you rework some of your wardrobe by adding too or taking away from what you already have.


The season is still cold, so the need for sweaters is a must. Whether they are slip over sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, or sweater jackets, belts and jewelry can update your sweaters to something stylish.

Chunky jewelry such as beads, or chokers even layered necklaces can give your sweaters a new look all together. Add a belt around the waste or a scarf around the neck, that’s even better. These accessories don’t need to be so matchy matchy either as long as they are in the same color family of what you’re wearing.


A favorite of so many, tees come in various shapes and sizes and styles. Your closet or chest of drawers probably house five or more. From white to a rainbow variety of colors, tees can be transformed into something cool and chic with just a tweak here or there.

Most stores carry teeshirt paint in the crafts department of their store. Browse the aisles and select whatever colors catch your eye, then release your inner Picasso and create yourself a trendy tee. Whether abstract or picturesque, self expression is a fashion on its own.

If painting your tees isn’t your style find some embellishments you can sew on to your tees. Beads, brooches, patches, pouches, or whatever you like sewed onto a tee will put you in the spotlight of all that is today’s fashion.


Most women have long and short skirts in their closet. More than likely the standard black, brown, and blue skirt at that. Perhaps your tired and want a splash of some color added to your skirts.

What are you waiting for? Find some sexy lace of a different color and add it to the hem of your skirt. If your skirt will allow for it, make a mock pocket and embellish around it. If that doesn’t sound good, perhaps a small slit in the side with a lacy underlay will give it a kind of flamenco style appearance.

The thing is, is to be brave and experiment. Even if you can’t sew there are products out there you can use to change the style of your skirts and give them a new look for a fraction of the cost of new clothes.

These are only a few suggestions to help you see beyond what is before your eyes. Be creative in changing the appearance of your clothes the frugal way. Look through the pages of fashion catalogs or browse the trendiest and most expensive shops you know you can’t purchase things at and get a feel for what is in the “Now”, then go home look at your wardrobe and change what can be changed.

You don’t need a lot of money to dress in style or be in fashion. It takes only a well placed scarf, jewelry, belts, embellishments, maybe even just a layering of clothes to be right on track with what is in fashion now.

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