Cleaning With Vinegar

I can remember the very first time I used vinegar to clean something. We were litterbox training our new kitten, and I read that if you didn’t get the scent of the oopsie spot out of the carpet, kitty would go back to that stop each time he needed to do his deed. Vinegar cleaning was born. Today’s experiment: Cleaning with Vinegar.

I no longer buy pre-made bathroom and kitchen cleansers. I simply whip out my white vinegar, throw it into a spray bottle that I got for cheap at Wal-Mart, and add the same amount of water as the vinegar. My 50/50 water/vinegar spray solution is a great multi-tasker. It goes with me to the bathroom, the bedrooms, and the kitchen.

It is so simple and super cheap. Here are some ways that I use vinegar to clean around the house:

  • To wash windows. It leaves a streak-free shine! And don’t worry, that vinegar smell goes away after it dries (in all of these instances).

  • To clean my mirrors. Move over, Windex!

  • To deodorize carpeting after I soak up my daughter’s accidents

  • To clean my glass top kitchen table. It disinfects AND gives a great shine!

  • To clean my countertops in the both the kitchen and the bathroom.

  • As a rinse aid for my dishwasher. Simply pour it into your dishwasher rinse aid dispenser. Voila!

  • As a fabric softener. Add 1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) to your washing machine dispenser.

I also use vinegar to maintain my coffee maker. Once a month (if I remember to do it that often), I put two cups of white vinegar into my coffee pot and fill it the rest of the way with water. Run the coffee maker all the way through and it cleans the inside of your coffee maker, descaling any minerals that your tap water may have left. Run it two more times with water only to make sure that the vinegar gets completely washed away.

Do note that vinegar doesn’t has the sudsing power like soap does. But if you simply mix a little baking soda with the vinegar, you’ll get all the scrubbing bubbles you need. This is especially effective with that two-day old crusted baby cereal you find on the underside of your glass top table.

Okay, People, I know that there are tons of people out there who clean with vinegar. Reveal yourselves!

How has you cleaned with vinegar? Can you add to the list above?

6 thoughts on “Cleaning With Vinegar”

  1. I have wood laminate floors and I was told the best product to make them shine and get clean was vinegar and water. Wow! I was surprised and so happy by the results. My floors look brand new everytime I mop them with vinegar and water.

  2. I will have to try it on the wood lam floors! Thanks!
    We use organic (it’s cloudy, not clear) apple cider vinegar /just a drop or two/ in our parrots water bowl and our cat’s water too. Its a digestion aid and is good for them.

  3. I use 50/50 vinegar and water to clean my birdcage. Spray it on and wait about 30 seconds, you can use a soft scrubby to get the bird poop off the bottom of the wired part of the birdcage. Plus I use it to clean their food cups and rinse with clean water and dry. You can use it on anything in the bird cage to get it clean and it doesn’t effect the birds like other cleaners can. Bird owners know what I mean.

  4. I also use vinegar/water solution to clean my stove top of the ‘burnt’ on stains on and around the burners. For really tough stains, allow it to sit or use a bit of baking soda and it works like a gem!

    I also use vinegar and baking soda in my washer to freshen the loads by putting about 2-3 tbsp of baking soda in a small bowl and pouring vinegar into the bowl to let it foam onto the clothes as the washer is filling. I also use baking soda in my kitchen sink and in my drain to scour and then pour vinegar on it to help clean and disinfect.

  5. I keep white vinegar in a little spray bottle at my sink and use it to clean raw fruits and vegetables. It really works great on grapes! Put them in a colander, spray them, stir them around to get the vinegar over all of them, then rinse.

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