1st 1,000: Free Metamucil Product From Dr. Oz

Update: Half of the links from yesterdays giveaway were changed once it started, so just in case the below link doesn’t work you can check for links on their site also

After yesterday I was debating whether or not to post this one, but I’m sure some of you guys will still want to know about it. Beginning 3:00:01 PM (Eastern Time) on 2/8/11, visit www.winahearttoheart.com and follow the instructions to enter their sweepstakes. The first 1,000 entrants will receive a coupon for 1 free Metamucil 114 dose product (up to $15.00 value) by mail.

thanks h2s

7 thoughts on “1st 1,000: Free Metamucil Product From Dr. Oz”

  1. Was able to enter contest but not eh coupon..darn it been trying for 30 minutes. But entered the Heart to Heart..♥

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