15 thoughts on “3 Free Issues of Food & Wine Magazine”

  1. I signed up for this offer and not only never received any magazines, but was sent a bill for a $20 subscription. I emailed their customer service to cancel the subscription and let them know that I never requested one, so hopefully I won’t receive any more bills…

  2. i signed up for the 3 free issues, and received 1 so far. today a bill for $21.84 arrived in the mail. i printed a copy of the free offer page, and sent it in with cancel written on the bill.

    • i also went to their online customer service and sent in an inquiry, with the link to the free offer page. this better settle it!

      • I wrote an email to their customer service saying that I never requested a subscription to their magazine and never received any issues. I received this reply:

        Thank you for contacting FOOD & WINE Customer Service.To explain, when you respond to one of our risk-free promotions we enter an order for you on our system. We then send you an order confirmation and possibly a few billing notices. These promotions were set up to give potential customers a chance to review our publication. After you review the magazines, you have the option to continue the subscription with the appropriate payment. If, on the other hand, you decide you are not interested in subscribing, you have the option to return the billing notice with your cancel request.

        Since when does “risk free” mean automatically signing you up then billing you for an order you never placed?!

        • I’m so sorry Nichole, I should have stuck to my gut feeling and not posted it. I’m really careful about posting magazine offers to avoid stuff like this, but this one slipped passed me

          • No problem 🙂 Most of your offers are fabulous! You can’t control some companies’ deceptive offers. Fortunately this one was easily fixed!

  3. I was sucked in my this also & received the bill. You would think that Pepcid would be a good enough company to not post a scam like that. I usually do not sign up for these these unless I know & trust the company offering them.

    They have since taken the offer off of the site.

  4. I received the subscription e-mail (19.99) even though I haven’t even received any issue! What should I do?

    • Beagle, I really do apologize for this one. I’m always careful with magazine offers to avoid stuff like this, but this got past me. Please call their customer service at 800-333-6569 to have them cancel it.

      • I was able to contact customer service on the Food & Wine Web site and cancelled the subscription. Phew!

  5. My wife accepted a 2.99 offer for a “free” cookbook last October. The “free” cookbook was received and 2.99 was billed and paid. However an Advance Notice Card was either not noticed or not received in mail. An additional book was subsequently received along wilh notice of a pending bill for $33.90! I called and gave notice of cancellation of our “membership” and was advised to note “refused – return to sender” on package and drop it in a “blue” USPS box. The USPS would not accept it without postage. Please advise further directions.

    • Hey Richard are you sure it’s from our site? I’m going through the archive and don’t see anything like that for October. Are you referring to the Food & Wine magazine?

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