Big Dr. Oz Giveaway Today

Update:No longer available.

Dr. Oz is hosting 6 giveaways today (Feb. 7th) at 3 PM Eastern Time. You can click the individual links below to visit the site where it’ll be held. (Keep in mind these go really quick)

Nook e-Reader (600 winners)
* Aerosoles Shoes (800 winners)
$100 SpaWeek Gift Card (100 winners)
* 17-piece Original Magic Bullet Blender (200 winners)
Essentia Memory Foam Pillow (200 winners)
* HoMedics Swedish Massage Cushion with Heat (200 winners)

thanks h2s

53 thoughts on “Big Dr. Oz Giveaway Today”

  1. I just love to hear,How he expain heath care,I have to watch what i eat,My two counts of blood cells,went down,But I better,I trying to take care of me,So i trying to learn about my body.Thank You so much,Dr.OZ.

  2. I know, I was really trying for the nook too, but the website was down before it even started??? What’s up with that?

  3. well i tried all of the sites and nothing would work and said all servers down and too early and it was 1 min after 3 pm,, its a lost cause

  4. It is 3:08 Eastern time and each site says you are too early. I don’t understand this. Is this just for certain people??? Could you please answer this question for me. Thanks. I will go back now and see what it is saying.

  5. I tried so hard, but didn’t win oh well thanks for posting hopefully I will win next time! I love this blog!

  6. After finally getting through to the Aerosole Shoes site and signing up with all the information the next screen says “We are sorry you have missed our special give away”. Makes me wonder if this is their way of getting e-mail addresses. If the give away was filled then they should not ask for your information:(!

  7. ALL GONE. Also, fyi to all Sample Stuff readers-
    Each link that you are clicking on from the Sample Stuff site is incorrect. I really wish the maker of this site would have researched the links they were posting, because they would have realized quickly that the real links to the free stuff are only available at 3pm exactly on the day of the giveaway. I also tried using these links only to get the ‘to early’ or ‘error’ messages. When I finally went to the Dr. Oz page at 3:05, it had different links than these for each item, and everything was already gone. Really disappointed.

  8. clicked on nook at 5 seconds after 3:00, and got a cannot connect, error message. It is now 3:19 and I have clicked on web sites of nook and airisole shoes about 20 times each, 1/2 the time nothing happens, 1/2 the time connection looks like it’s going thru then I get the connection error, And I’m on cable, not dial up!

  9. Are they going to be doing another give away tomorrow? I seen somewhere where it said starting on 2-7-11 through 2-8-11???

  10. I don’t even think anyone on Facebook won nothing…It must had been for all those that was sitting at his show….dang-gone-it !!!!!!!!!

  11. Some links said I was too early and others wouldn’t load. Then the Nook and pillow loaded and I filled the forms, but got a server error when I submitted. They sure don’t know how to hold a giveaway!

  12. got the pillow page to come up at 3:20 and 3:30 and both times said I was too early? this was a disaster from the get go. never got anything.

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