Update On The Free Doggy Gift Pack from Subaru

If you signed up for the Free Doggy Gift Pack from Subaru that we posted on Jan 21st, be sure to check your email. This is what I just received:

“Due to the overwhelming success of this event, our supply of the free doggy gift packs quickly ran out. However, we would like to show our appreciation by giving you a free Subaru bandana for your dog.

Click on the link below to provide us with your shipping address. You can expect to receive your free gift within 6-8 weeks. Thank you for supporting dogs, and thank you for supporting Subaru!”

After you click their button in the email, you’ll be able to fill out a signup form.

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  1. I have ten dogs from small to large. But my Chinese pug loves to wear all kinds of things. He gets so excited and does not like it if you take it off. He feels very special in his little shirts

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