2 Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products

NOTE: If you’ve done this already it might not let you again. The answers should be  B, B , A, A, A, A, B, A (thanks Laura!)


Click here to visit the Suave site and watch the short videos by clicking the icons at the bottom of the site and then pick the correct answers. The more you answer correct the better your prize will be. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Image Credit: Suave

27 thoughts on “2 Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products”

  1. I love suave professionals in the black bottle ……it smells like the shampoo at the beauty shop………

  2. I watched and done them all said I unlocked 3 prizes and you have to pick what you want but it won’t let me 🙁

  3. OK…I am ticked off!!!! I won (after all the freezing & refreshing the contest) but, I won 2 (TWO) FREE Suave Professionals Items & it let me print off a coupon for 50 cents off 2 items & I didn’t win no coupons!!! I sent a letter to the company cause dang it, I want what I had to sit through to get…:D
    I realize NOW, & since there were no instructions to tell me any different, that if U fill out the info after U win a prize, no matter how many U win, I’m guessing U only get the one U first fill out, no matter how many U win after that because after I won the second question, the info page for my address & stuff came up & I filled it out & then none after that came up when I got other questions right. I wond all the way to a free Beauty Magazine Subscription, but would rather have the Free items. I am NOT a happy person now!

  4. this is the most annoying quiz, it keeps freezing and you have to refresh and watch the video over, its not worth it

  5. I finished the quiz and said I have 7 prizes or coupons unlocked but it doesn’t show any for me to pick.

  6. I watched 7 videos, got to th 8th and it would not play. I tried to redeem 1 of 4 prizes and it kept locking up. Hope I can get my 2 free products, because I have spent a LONG time on this site!

  7. I got 6 right, filled out info at the end and it won’t let me choose a free product. Keeps going back to the fill out form. Wonder why I can’t click on anything in #1 ???

  8. it said I got 8 prizes or coupons unlocked and it will not let me sumit my info and gives me an error message and will not load!:(

  9. I finally was able to get through it and got 1 free product. The 2 free and year of free products are not available anymore.

  10. The site is working now… thanks!!! But a lot of the prizes are no longer available. I just picked the free product coupon. 🙂 It takes a while though.

  11. i got 5 right and it woulnt give me the two free products, but it did give me one free one. gave me a choice of three prizes. Said the top three prizes were unavailable.

  12. Went through the whole quiz, got 5 out of 8 correct, and only had a choice between a coupon for $.50 off 2 products or $1.00 off 2 products. Everything else was unavailable. Not worth the time and effort.

  13. I got all the questions right. So, I picked the win free Suave products for a year & they just came by UPS a few days ago. 2 big boxes with tons of products. I couldn’t believe that I actually got it. Woo Hoo!!!

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